Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

Chocolate cake is great, edible cookie dough is also very much great SO WHY NOT PUT THEM TOGETHER and make a cookie dough cake!

I don’t have much to say about this cake apart from the fact that I loved it.

Adding a layer of cookie dough was a great way to make a classic chocolate cake a little more exciting.

A slice of the cookie dough cake on a white plate, with the full cake in the background.

Video Tutorial

Break down of the process

There are 4 different parts to making this cookie dough cake, here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to be doing!

  • Make the ganache – out of everything we’re going to make for this cake, the ganache takes the longest to set. So we’re making this first.
  • Make the cake layers – I went with chocolate cake layers for this, I felt like chocolate cake would go great with the edible cookie dough.
  • Making the cookie dough layer – this cookie dough has no eggs in and is also made with heat treated flour so it is safe to eat. I’ll go more into heat treating flour later.
  • Assembling – once everything is set, baked and cooled, you can put the cake together.
The full cookie dough cake before it was cut into.

The cake layers

For the cake, I’m using my chocolate cake recipe.

I LOVE THIS RECIPE. The cake is always so soft and it’s pretty easy to make too. It’s one of my favourite recipes to make.

Here are some common questions I get about the recipe:

Can I leave the coffee out?

I love adding coffee to chocolate cakes, it makes the chocolate flavour so much better.

The coffee doesn’t make the cake taste like coffee at all, the only thing it does is enhance the chocolate flavour.

However, if you did want to leave it out, yes you can. Just make sure to still add the hot water, just don’t add the coffee to it!

Can I use butter instead of oil?

Some cake recipes use butter, some use oil, some use both. 

When oil is added to a cakes, it is typically added for moisture….oil gives you a moister cake. Whereas butter is mainly added to cakes for flavour.

When it comes to chocolate cake, I feel like butter doesn’t add a lot of extra flavour, since the chocolate flavour takes over. So I like to just use oil to get that extra moistness.  

But yes you could use butter instead, just melt 100g of butter and add it in, instead of the oil.

Substitutes for the yoghurt?

Just like oil, yoghurt is also added for moisture. I don’t ever make a chocolate cake without adding yoghurt to it, I love what it does to the cake.

The best substitute is using the same amount sour cream instead. Buttermilk also works too!

Can I use regular flour instead of self-raising flour?

Yes, just use the same amount of plain/all purpose flour and add 2 teaspoons of baking powder to it.

2 of the chocolate cake layers inside of silver cake tins.

The edible cookie dough

We can’t be making a cookie dough cake without making some edible cookie dough. So let’s talk about this.

I know a lot of us have ate raw cookie dough before. But technically, raw cookie dough is not safe to eat….we probably shouldn’t be eating it.

But the cookie dough in this cake is completely safe, there is no eggs in it and the flour has also been heat treated!

How to heat treat flour

I always use to think that the reason we’re not supposed to be eating raw cookie dough is because of the eggs.

This is true but the flour is an issue too.

Raw flour can contain bacteria that we shouldn’t be eating so to get rid of this bacteria, all we need to do is cook the flour in the oven before adding it to the cookie dough.

To do this just spread an even layer of the flour on a baking paper lined tray and then bake this at 180c/350f for around 15 minutes, stirring it every 2 minutes. All we are doing is getting the flour to reach 71c/160f.

Make sure to let this flour cool down before adding it to the cookie dough, if it is too hot it will melt the chocolate chips.

Also side note, if there happens to be clumps of flour, that’s ok just sieve it before using.

Why did you use condensed milk in the edible cookie dough?

I like to sweeten my edible cookie dough with mainly condensed milk and then a little bit of brown sugar for flavour.

I feel like sweeten condensed milk gives a smoother cookie dough. That’s the only reason.

You could replace it with regular sugar or more brown sugar. But I do think it is much better with condensed milk.

The ganache

If you’ve been seeing my recipes for a while, you might have noticed that whenever I’m using chocolate, I like to use dark chocolate.

I feel like with desserts, there’s already a lot of sugar in them, so dark chocolate is best to use because it adds a chocolate flavour without adding extra sweetness.

But a lot of people don’t like the taste of dark chocolate, so I went with milk chocolate for this cake.

It did taste great, I just prefer dark chocolate. But it’s up to you what you want to use.

If you are using dark chocolate though, make sure to double the amount of double cream in the recipe, the ganache will be too thick if you don’t!

1 silver cake tin filled with chocolate cake batter.
1 chocolate cake layer inside of a silver cake tin after being baked.


Ok the all caps might have been a little dramatic.

The cookie dough gets very hard in the fridge, it doesn’t taste very good when it is cold.

So I don’t recommend putting this in the fridge. If you did though, just give it a few hours at room temp before eating it!

I like cake. I make a lot of cake. Here are some other cake recipes I think you might like!