Cookie Croissants

These past few weeks I keep seeing videos of cookie croissants from a bakery called Maison Louvard in Paris.

Essentially they are croissants that have been filled with cookie dough and then baked. I was a little skeptical, I felt like they won’t taste that good but I wanted to try making them.

I WAS SO WRONG. These do taste exactly the way you would think they would…like a cookie and a croissant stuck together. But they go so well together, it’s a very good combination.

2 of the cookie croissants after baking, on a baking paper lined tray.

Video Tutorial

The cookie dough

We’re going to start by making the cookie dough.

If you want to make things a little easier, you absolutely can just buy some cookie dough. This will save some time.

But if you’re making it from scratch, here’s the ingredients you will need:

  • Unsalted butter – I like to use unsalted butter and add salt separately, so that I can control the amount of salt in the recipe. But salted butter does work, just don’t add any extra salt.
  • Sugar – I used both brown and white sugar. The brown sugar is going to add a lot of flavour.
  • Vanilla extract
  • An egg
  • Plain flour – also known as all purpose flour.
  • Salt – to help enhance the flavours.
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Chocolate
2 cookie croissants after icing sugar was dusted over them.

The chocolate

I wanted to quickly talk about the chocolate that I used in the cookie dough.

I used a chocolate bar and chopped this up, instead of using chocolate chips.

Both work great but I think using actual chocolate is much nicer. Just because this melts more than chocolate chips, so it makes the cookie croissants more ooey gooey in the centre.

When it comes to the type of chocolate, I used dark chocolate.

I really do recommend dark chocolate, just because these croissants are quite sweet. So the dark chocolate helps cut the sweetness a little.

If you were to use milk or even white, the croissants will become much sweeter.

But with that being said, you can use whatever kind of chocolate you prefer.

The cookie dough inside of a bowl.

Putting the croissants together

Now that the cookie dough has been made, the rest is quick and easy. We just need to fill the croissants and then bake them them.

Here’s how to fill them:

  • I cut my croissants in half, horizontally.
  • Add some cookie dough to the bottom half of the croissants, then add the top halves on top.
  • Add a little bit of cookie dough on top of the croissants.
  • Now just bake them.

We’re going to bake them at 180c/350f for around 12-15 minutes.

After they are baked, the croissants are going to be nice and crispy on the outside, and they will be soft and gooey on the inside.

Let these cool down for a few minutes, then you can dig in. 

1 cookie croissant before being baked.
1 cookie croissant after being baked.

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