Pistachio Knafeh Chocolate Bar

Over the past month I’ve been constantly seeing videos of this pistachio knafeh chocolate bar in Dubai.


I wanted to try it, but Dubai is not in my vicinity. So I made it myself.

1 of the pistachio knafeh chocolate bars on a wooden chopping board.

Video Tutorial

What is this chocolate bar?

If you’ve not seen these before, they’re basically…a chocolate bar.

It’s the filling that makes them exciting.

The chocolate bars are filled with kataifi pastry, which are essentially strands of shredded phyllo pastry.

This pastry is toasted until golden and crispy, then mixed with pistachio cream.


It gives the chocolate bars an amazing flavour, but also such a good texture.

It’s just so crispy but also creamy at the same time, I loved it so much.

I am dramatic, so never take my words too seriously. But I think this is the best chocolate bar I have ever ate.

A cross section of one of the chocolate bars.

The ingredients

There are the ingredients you are going to need to make these chocolate bars:

  • Chocolate – you can’t make chocolate bars, without chocolate.
  • Unsalted butter – just a bit to toast the pastry with.
  • Kataifi pastry – I’ll talk a little more about this in the next section.
  • Pistachio cream – my go to pistachio creams are either from a brand called ‘Black Milk’ or ‘Pisti’, both are great. But any pistachio cream works, use whatever you can find.

What chocolate to use

I used dark chocolate for this.

I know I know, most people don’t like dark chocolate, so milk chocolate can be used.

Or you can also use white chocolate.


The filling is quite sweet, because of the pistachio cream. So I think dark chocolate is the best kind of chocolate to use.

It helps cut the sweetness, giving you chocolate bars that are not overly sweet.

But use whatever kind of chocolate you like best.

The ingredients needed to make the pistachio knafeh chocolate bar.

Kataifi pastry

This is the most important ingredient. You won’t get that fun crispy texture without it.

I really struggled finding this though.

I went to every Turkish shop near me and everyone told me they don’t sell it because people around here don’t buy it.

But I think maybe that’s because of where I live. Maybe if you live in a big city, you might find it easier to find.

Orrrrr you can do what I did and just get it from Amazon.

Here’s the one I bought:


The packet does say Kadayif on it. I’ve learnt that they are the same thing, it just has different names.

The kataifi in a pan, before being toasted.
The kataifi in a pan, after being toasted.

Tempering the chocolate

When making chocolate bars, you want to temper the chocolate.

This way your chocolate bars will be nice and shiny. And they won’t melt in your hands, they will stay set and firm at room temperature.

Did I temper the chocolate…absolutely not.

Tempering chocolate seems so confusing, I didn’t want to learn how to do it. And also I wanted this recipe to be easy.

So I didn’t temper it.

The chocolate still came out great, the only issue is that it will melt easily at room temperature so you want to keep it in your fridge.

If you want to temper the chocolate you can. But if you are not going to, just make sure to keep the chocolate bars in your fridge. 

The melted chocolate inside of the moulds.
The filling inside of the moulds.


That’s all I wanted to say. Be mindful, chocolate can break.

I broke one of mine, I was so upset.

So just be gentle when taking them out.

I loooove pistachio, I make a lot of pistachio desserts. Here are some other pistachio recipes I think you need to try:

Pistachio Knafeh Chocolate Bar

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Makes: 2-4 chocolate bars (this depends on the size and depth of your chocolate moulds)

  • 400 g chocolate (I used dark, but you can also use milk or white)

  • 30 g unsalted butter

  • 150 g kataifi pastry

  • 250 g pistachio cream


  • Start by melting your chocolate, so add it into a bowl and heat in your microwave at 30 second intervals, until melted and smooth.
  • Add some of the chocolate into your chocolate bar moulds and spread this out so the moulds are fully coated.
  • Over a sheet of baking paper, turn the moulds upside down and shake them so the excess chocolate can drip out.
  • Flip the moulds back over and clean the edges. Place these in your fridge to set up.
  • With the excess chocolate on your baking paper, scrape this back into your bowl, we'll use it later.
  • Making the filling:
  • Chop your pastry up slightly, leave this aside.
  • Place a pan onto medium heat and add the butter. Let this melt.
  • Add your pastry into this and cook until it all turns a deep golden brown colour. Then take this off the heat.
  • Melt your pistachio cream in your microwave, then mix this into the cooked pastry.
  • Add this filling into your chocolate bar moulds, then place back into the fridge for 10 minutes.
  • Now add more melted chocolate to the top of the moulds, and spread this out. Place this back into your fridge to fully set up for about 30 minutes.
  • Once set, take the chocolate bars out of the moulds, then they are done. We didn't temper this chocolate to make things easier, but because of this, this chocolate will melt easily so keep it stored in your fridge.
  • Enjoy!

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