Single Serve Ice Cream Sandwich

I wanted to make another single serve recipe, I love making them. I don’t know why but I find them so fun to make. 

I decided to make a single serve ice cream sandwich this time. I know we are entering the cold, dark, winter days, so maybe I chose a bad time to make this.

But I refuse to let the seasons dictate when I make something, you know. Also I think I prefer eating ice cream when I’m cold.

Close up of the single serve ice cream sandwich

Video Tutorial

Ingredients for the cookies

This recipe makes 2 cookies, most of the ingredients are the same as a regular cookie recipe, apart from the lack of egg.

  • Unsalted butter – I like to use unsalted butter for most of my recipes. But to be honest, salted butter works for this too. Most of the time people add flaky salt on top of cookies to give them a little salty taste, so you can use any butter here.
  • Sugar – We’re using a mixture of both brown and granulated sugar.
  • Vanilla – even though there isn’t a lot of vanilla in this, make sure to still add it. It makes a difference.
  • Oil – the oil is replacing the egg in this recipe. I use vegetable oil, any flavourless oil works though.
  • Plain flour – If you’re not from the UK, you might call this all purpose flour.
  • Baking powder – There’s a small amount of baking powder in this, to help with the thickness of the cookies. 
  • Chocolate – I always prefer to chop up a bar of chocolate, instead of using chocolate chips, but any works. Also I used a mixture of dark and milk.
2 cookies on a baking paper lined tray

Oil in cookies?

The last time I used oil instead of an egg in a cookie, it caused some confusion. So let me explain.

With these single serve cookie recipes I’ve been doing, or with any of my single serve recipes to be honest. I don’t like using egg in them.

I feel like a lot of single serve recipes tell you do add like a tabelspoon of an egg, but then I never know what to do with the rest of the egg.

So instead I’m adding a little bit of oil.

In cookies, the eggs are only really there to bind the ingredients together. That’s why cookies are kind of easy to veganise, because you can replace the eggs with thing like mashed fruit. My favourite is to use mashed up raspberries. 

BUT when I use oil, I’m only doing it in my single serve recipes. It works because the cookies only need a small amount.

Please don’t try using oil instead of eggs in a regular sized cookie recipe, it won’t work. 

The ice cream

You might be thinking ‘how is your ice cream so perfectly circular’.

Ok you’re probably not thinking about this at all. But let me explain how I did it.

I mentioned this in my video, but all I did was get a cookie cutter that was the same size of my cookies.

I put this onto a tray, then added some ice cream into it. I let this freeze for a bit, then removed the cookie cutter.

This was for aesthetic purposes only, I do not recommend doing all this. I just wanted the ice cream to look nice in the video.

It’s a lot easier, and quicker, to just add a scoop of ice cream to one of the cookies, add the other one on top and then squish them together.

Side note I used pistachio kulfi for this, it was a great combo!

1 cookie on a tray after it had been baked

Single Serve Ice Cream Sandwich

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  • 40g unsalted butter

  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar

  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

  • 2 teaspoons any flavourless oil (I use vegetable)

  • 70g plain flour

  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

  • 60g chopped chocolate

  • Plus some ice cream


  • Start by pre-heating your oven to 180c/350f.
  • Melt your butter and then add this into a bowl.
  • Add both sugars, the vanilla and the oil into this, mix and then add in the flour and baking powder. Mix just until a dough forms.
  • Now mix in the chopped chocolate.
  • Divide this dough into 2 pieces, then roll each piece of dough into a ball. Place these on a baking paper lined tray, make sure to leave a gap between them so they have room to spread.
  • Bake these for around 20-22 minutes. Once baked, leave them to cool on the tray for about 5-10 minute before trying pick them up, they will be too soft to pick up straight away.
  • Once they have set up, add a scoop of ice cream onto the bottom of one of the cookies, add the other cookie top, press everything together slightly and then enjoy!