Gooey Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

A skillet cookie….or a pizookie….is my favourite thing to make. IT TASTES SO GOOD and it’s very easy to make too.

I love the kind of desserts where everyone just grabs a spoon and dives in, no need to cut slices, no need for plates. You can just dive right in. 

This is the reason why I love making this but also it does taste amazing. The edges are nice and crispy and the centre is so soft and gooey!!

The top of the skillet cookie after it had been baked.

Video Tutorial

Difference between a skillet cookie and a regular cookie

Apart from the obvious….it is baked in a skillet. There are some other slight changes. 

The reason why I love skillet cookies, even a little more than regular cookies, is because of the soft gooey centre.

Since this is being baked inside of a skillet, the cookie can be underbaked because, unlike a regular cookie, you don’t need to be able to pick it up. We’re eating this straight out of the skillet so it’s fine for it to be much softer!

When it comes to the actual recipe, the ingredients are the same, the quantities are just a little different.

I like to use more butter than I would in my other cookie recipes and then I also use less flour. Both of these changes give a softer gooier cookie.

Again this is being baked in a skillet, that’s why these changes are okay. If this cookie dough was to be used to make regular cookies, the cookies would just spread too much. But since this is inside of a skillet, we don’t need to worry about this!

The baked skillet cookie with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce in the background.

Why do we need to brown the butter?

One of the first things you are going to do to make this skillet cookie is brown the butter.

This step doesn’t take long, but in my personal opinion its a very necessary step.

Adding brown butter to this cookie gives it a caramely nutty flavour, AND IT MAKES THE COOKIE  SMELL SO GOOD. The extra step is absolutely worth it.

If you’re never browned butter before, here’s how to do it:

  • Add the butter into a pot and place this onto medium heat.
  • As the butter is melting, keep stirring it. You want to be stirring during this whole process, so don’t walk away.
  • Once the butter has melted, it will then start to sizzle.
  • After sizzling for a bit, it will start to foam up, again keep stirring as this happens.
  • Once the foam starts to subside, that’s when you will see that the butter is now a light brown colour. Once it is light brown, take this off the heat straight away.  

These bullet points have made it seem like it’s a long process but it does only take a few minutes!

Do I need to bake this in a cast iron skillet?

No not at all! I like to bake it in a cast iron skillet, most recipes you will see for this are typically baked in a cast iron skillets too. But it’s not necessarily needed.

Cast iron skillets are great to use because they can go in the oven and I also just think they’re very nice looking pans.

But instead you could use a regular cake tin, any kind of baking dish, a large ramekin….anything that is oven safe will work to be honest.

The chocolate 

I know I called this a chocolate chip skillet cookie, but I didn’t use any chocolate chips. I chopped up actual chocolate and added this instead.

I always prefer actual chocolate over chocolate chips in cookies.

Actual chocolate fully melts in the oven and stays soft even when cookies have cooled, whereas chocolate chips are designed so hold their shape and set after the cookies have cooled.

Both taste great, it’s just up to preference. Use which ever you prefer!

Also side note, I used a mixture of milk, white and dark. Again, use which ever you prefer, I just had a bit of each chocolate so I added them all in. 

Chopped milk, white and dark chocolate, on a wooden chopping board.


My favourite thing about making skillet cookies is that you can add whatever add-ins you want.

I kept the recipe below simple and only added chocolate to it, but you can add other things too. I love adding nuts, they add great texture. Salted peanuts or walnuts are usually my go too.

You can add marshmallows….crisps….maybe even swirl some Nutella or Biscoff spread into the dough.

Customise this skillet cookie in a way that will make you love it as much as I love it!

I spend a lot of time making cookies. I like cookies. If you like cookies too, you should check out these recipes!